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Providing the best solutions for your logistics company. Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve and Control. The best in logistics services with Zebra Panama | Barrdega Panama.

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Badge printer

ZC100 Badge Printer

Zebra ZC100

PVC card printer

(one sided). Print staff ID cards, memberships, access and invitations to events and seminars.

Zebra ZC300

The ZC300 is designed to be able use instantly. It's not complicated to implement: simply plug it in and start enjoying the benefits as soon as you receive your printer.

ZXP Series 7

Zebra ZXP Series 7

Intuitive software to design credentials like a professional.

The ideal complement to a physical card printer for maximum flexibility and convenience.

Thermal printers

Market-leading Zebra printers deliver superior, reliable printing. With exceptional durability, these printers are ideal for all your printing needs. Discover excellence in printing with Zebra Panama | Barrdega Panama and enjoy reliable, durable and easy-to-operate thermal printers.

Network infrastructure

Network infrastructure (wifi)

Independent and versatile devices with outstanding sensitivity in reception and transmission. They are specifically designed to optimize the deployment and operation of a network infrastructure, providing a cost-effective solution. Zebra Panama | Barrdega Panama offers a variety of Wi-Fi networking devices to meet your needs in building a solid network infrastructure.

Portable Terminals (PDT)

Zebra mobile computers, also known as Symbol computers, are rugged mobile computers. Discover at Zebra Panama | Barrdega Panama the best portable PDT terminals to optimize your operations. Trust the quality and durability of Zebra terminals, designed to withstand demanding environments and deliver exceptional performance. Get the mobility and efficiency you need with market-leading Zebra mobile computers.

Zebra Tablets

Explore the versatility of Zebra Tablets, customizable mobile devices designed for different work environments. Discover how you can adapt these devices to your specific professional needs at Zebra Panama | Barrdega Panama.

Zebra Supplies Panama

Zebra Supplies Panama

Developed for high-demand Zebra printers. We have labels, ribbons, PVC cards, handles and supplies. These supplies include synthetic and specialty printing media, suitable for more than 1,000 combinations.

Barcode readers

Zebra's high-end barcode readers offer a wide range of features designed specifically to efficiently meet high-volume scanning needs. Trust Zebra Panama | Barrdega Panama to obtain reliable, effective and high quality barcode readers.

Zebra Panama Printers


The best printing quality for your institutional credentials. We offer printing on PVC, PVC with magnetic stripe, proximity cards and chip cards. We also provide IDs with holography, magnetic stripe encoding and chip card encoding. We can supply you with all the accessories you need, such as badge lanyards, badges, yo-yos and clips, among others. At Zebra Panama | Barrdega Panama, we are committed to providing you with the highest quality PVC card printing service to satisfy all your needs.

  • The logistics solution for SMEs in Latin America.
  • P4 Warehouse Your entire logistics chain, or just the area you need.

PDT Panama

Zebra PDT Panama

Zebra Supplies Panama

Zebra Panama | Barrdega Panama is proud to offer carefully selected supplies for barcodes, RFID and Zebra cards. Our goal is to ensure top-level print quality, durability, and reading performance while reducing wear and tear on your printer. Trust us to find the right supplies that meet your needs efficiently and reliably.

Zebra Supplies Panama
P4 Warehouse Panama

Warehouse administration and control

P4 Warehouse Warehouse management and control Simplify your path to modernization. From inbound to outbound operations, we provide a competitive advantage Leave inbound operations in our hands. Replace manual processes with efficient data capture and retrieval by workers or real-time sensors. Detect problems immediately and ensure items are identified and stored correctly. You'll appreciate the cumulative impact of our dedicated solutions across all your inbound operations. Inventory accuracy will improve, and consequently, so will metrics such as on-time transaction completion rates.

 P4 Warehouse, warehouse and inventory controls software!


Zebra Panama

Zebra Panama barcode readers | Barrdega Panama has the most advanced technology to decode 1D and 2D symbols. From basic data tracking for inventory control, to dynamic reading of more complex direct part marks, we offer a portable solution for all your track, trace and control needs. Our compact designs are built with durable, shock-resistant casings to ensure durability.

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Thermal printers

thermal printer

  • ZD220
  • ZD230
  • ZD420
  • ZD421
  • Gk420*


Zebra Panama Desktop Printers
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