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Panama City, Panama

Barrdega's mobility support area offers its clients complete support in each of the Pre-sales and Post-sales solutions.
Pre/Post Sales Service and Support:

Barrdega is characterized by offering its clients complete support in the definition and implementation of solutions. You will always be accompanied by a team of specialized professionals and direct support from your suppliers at any stage of the projects or solutions offered to your clients.

Geographic coverage:
As a commitment to full support for the solutions provided, Barrdega has teams of specialized support engineers in Panama City


  • Radiofrequency electromagnetic spectrum measurement (Site Survey)
    This Barrdega service offers the precise definition of the wireless network requirements. This focuses on aspects such as security and speed of transmission and access, coverage areas, topology and height of obstacles, types of materials, network applications, user density, interference, physical limitations and storage levels.
  • Customized thermal printing, weighing and reading
    Within the solutions offered by Barrdega and the support associated with them, the specific requirements for development, technology integration and implementation of projects that involve customization in thermal or sublimation printing, weighing and barcode reading processes are met. or RFID tags.
  • Mobile Computing Software Integration
    As part of the solutions offered in the integration of mobile computing software, Barrdega addresses the specific requirements for configuration and adaptability with the processes and operations of the corporate software (End Client).
  • Wireless platform integration
    One of the specialized services of the Barrdega support area is the leveled attention to incidents, problems, events generated by active network equipment in the Wireless infrastructure of its clients.
  • Trainings
    Barrdega offers its clients training services to their business partners and clients related to Technologies such as Retail, Bar Code, WiFi, EPC, WMS, RFID. Technical training for incoming personnel to the corporation with levels of support and responsibility.
  • Networking
    Barrdega has an engineering team at the forefront of wireless infrastructure solutions, thus providing project management with precise definition of the wireless network requirements, Detailing the logical and physical topology at the LAN and WAN network level, Integration with active layer 2 and layer 3 network equipment to optimize security levels and best IT practices.
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