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Zebra PDT Panama


PDT Panama

Portable Terminals - PDT Zebra

Zebra provides innovation and performance in barcode with specialty label printing for businesses and governments in more than 100 countries around the world. With more than 35 years of experience and more than 4 million printers sold, Zebra is one of the most recognized brands worldwide. All this places Zebra as the leading brand in the fields of applications such as barcode, thermal printing, labels, smart labels, RFID labels and printing in general. With the division of Zebracard or Eltron, security is improved, productivity increases, costs are reduced and customer services are improved. Zebra manages solutions for printers, encoders, mobile and wireless solutions, label design software, portable printers, Zebra Panama labels, connectivity solutions, tapes, ribbons and consumables.

Zebra PDT portable terminals, Panama, also known as Symbol terminals, are rugged mobile computers. They are ideal for data capture with fast Wi-Fi connection, offering your workers the best wireless voice and data experience in real time.

Mobile devices (PDT Zeba) that provide the power, resistance and reliability required in data capture. They help improve productivity and accuracy in the workplace.

Perfect for use in stores or warehouses.


Cutting-edge technology for data capture and management of your operation

Zebra MC3390R

The Zebra MC3390R handheld long-range RFID reader brings a new level of efficiency and accuracy to inventory management, order fulfillment, direct fulfillment and more.

The Zebra MC3390R long-range reader antenna supports the best RFID read range and, together with Zebra's high-performance ASIC radio technology, provides superior performance so inventory operations can be performed more quickly. speed and precision.

Zebra TC53/58

The Zebra TC53/58 portable terminal is the new generation of mobile computers designed for your workers. It is built to perform better, with new hardware and software innovations that revolutionize the productivity that mobile computing can achieve. In this way, your workers obtain a unique user experience. Additionally, all of the latest technological advances to work smarter and faster are included in the Zebra TC53/58.

Zebra TC73/78

Powerfully versatile

The new Zebra TC78 touch computer is ideal for businesses that need their workforce with the latest technology on the market for direct customer service, when and where they need it. It is a heavy-duty device that integrates the best communication features with 5G, WIFI, 4G/LTE and 3G technology, and also adds the powerful barcode reading engine.

Zebra MC9300

Zebra mobile computers, also known as Symbol computers, are rugged mobile computers. They are ideal for data capture with fast Wi-Fi connection, offering your workers the best wireless voice and data experience in real time.

PDT perfect for use in stores or warehouses.

Zebra MC3300

The Zebra MC3300 is available in multiple formats, with advanced data capture features that can scan 1D/2D barcodes. You can do it in virtually any condition. Whether short or long range, the MC3300 helps increase scanning speed and accuracy, while improving worker productivity in inventory management, tracking, picking and picking.

Zebra TC15

The speed of processes in retail stores is getting faster. On-demand orders mean a larger workforce. To take advantage of this problem, your workers must be able to easily access and collect information. Equip them with the TC15, which allows them to carry out their tasks with efficiency and precision.

Zebra WT6000

The Zebra WT6000 Android on-body computer sets a new standard in business-grade on-body wearability. It is smaller and lighter than other body-worn devices on the market. Plus, thanks to its new mounting system, the WT6000 fits comfortably to each worker. It doesn't matter what your arm size is. Industrial ruggedized design delivers maximum uptime in the most demanding environments. The result? Maximum comfort, durability and staff productivity. The Zebra WT6000 brings wearable devices to industrial wearable computing.

Zebra TC8300

We chose the world's most revolutionary enterprise touch computer design and improved it – the new TC8300. You get the ultimate Android platform for businesses, providing workers with ultra-fast application performance and device availability.

Zebra TC21/TC26

The best cost-effective touch computer, designed for outdoor use.
The Zebra TC21/TC26 features enterprise features that help workers capture and access the data they need to act faster and more efficiently. Its rugged, convenient design provides reliable performance, day after day. Professional-grade accessories make these devices easier to use and manage.

Zebra MC2200/MC2700

The MC2200/2700 mobile terminal will make your employees work smarter. Whether they are in a warehouse, in a manufacturing plant, out at a port, delivering goods or repairing equipment; Portable terminals will take productivity and task precision to another level.

This mobile equipment connects all workers, both within the facilities and in the field. It is designed for intense scanning tasks that fits in the hands of your employees.

Zebra TC72/TC77

Provide workers with an ultra-rugged, fully touch-enabled computer. Get the smartphone experience, maximum simplicity, a build designed to withstand years of intense use, and a new platform that offers more capabilities than the rest of the devices in its class.

Zebra TC52/TC57

The TC52-TC57 touch computers are descendants of the renowned TC51/TC56, but add a new platform and innovative capabilities to provide the latest in enterprise-grade touch computing. Get the best user experience: the simplicity of Android with all the business features workers need to maximize productivity and minimize cycle times.

Zebra VC80x

Integrate desktop applications into your vehicle operators' reach with the Zebra VC80x. You can give your material handling employees mobile access to the apps and programs they need to complete tasks faster and more accurately.

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