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Panama City, Panama

We have specialists and certifications from our allies in Latin America, which accredit us to provide the best technological implementation service in your business. In this sense, we manage to guarantee a quality service, through technical laboratory equipment and knowledge endorsed by our professional allies.

From step 0 to 5

Our technological implementation service goes from the most basic to the most advanced. This, in order to guarantee that all the key points of technology in your business are covered.

  1. Identification of your specific need.
  2. The armed
  3. Setting.
  4. Commissioning of the components in their entirety.
  5. Integration of hardware operating systems.
  6. Optimization of software components for optimal system utilization and performance.
Dell Panama

In addition to purchasing hardware devices from us, we also provide you with software technological solutions in the following aspects:

Implementation service

The implementation service in the architecture of the technological system requires that our team review the different opportunities of your business. After that, our team analyzes and decides which architecture is most appropriate for your business. For this purpose, you must specify the best server for the implementation of technology in your company. Finally, the team must configure both software and hardware for their required uses.

Thus, at this stage of implementation of the system architecture, a well-constructed and meticulous review of the needs that are being presented must be made. With this, an attempt is made to reach a data architecture design that grows alongside the deployment offered by Barrdega's technological implementation.

We have all kinds of sizes and shapes that are selected in the review of the prerequisites for the applications to be implemented:

  • Size
  • Complexity
  • Area of application

And at the same time, its upcoming growth and expansion is analyzed. After what was mentioned above, our team jointly decides which architecture is with respect to the most suitable applications.


Before the solution is launched, in the validation phase, the implementation is thoroughly reviewed and checked against the best practices that Barrdega has already implemented. This interactive review covers areas that could impact the usability, scalability, and maintainability of the solution. Observations and recommendations regarding future development are also provided.

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