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Panama City, Panama


Zebra tablets as mobile devices for work. You can customize these devices for virtually any job and environment. They are ideal for retail store employees and warehouse workers. The customization flexibility of these tablets also makes them functional for salespeople, delivery drivers and service technicians working on site.


Zebra Tablets Panama

Zebra Panama Tablets

Zebra XSLATE R12

The Zebra XSLATE R12 tablet, formerly made by Xplore Technologies, is the next generation of tablets designed to be the only computer you need. It's one of the fastest rugged tablets on the market and offers powerful 2-in-1 capabilities, plus a complementary magnetically attachable keyboard that's always available out of the way.

Zebra ET51/56

With the Zebra ET51/ET56 with Windows or Android, your workers get a personal tablet that looks and feels like their own, while you get the durability, ease of use, data capture features, and flexibility your business needs. requires.

Zebra L10 Series

Fully rugged tablet platform

With the Zebra L10 Series, it doesn't matter if your workers prefer a whiteboard tablet (XSLATE L10). It also doesn't matter if you prefer a tablet with a rigid handle and optional barcode reader (XPAD L10). In this sense, it does not matter if they want a 2-in-1 tablet/laptop. It also has a full keyboard (XBOOK L10). That's how the versatile functionality of Zebra L10 Series tablets ensures your workers have the ideal computing tool for their tasks.

Zebra ET80/ET85

Rescuers protecting communities, field service teams maintaining utility infrastructure, and manufacturing production line workers making the products we need—every day we depend on the workers who are critical to how we do business. life. These critical workers need more than just a rugged tablet. They need a tablet that fits the essential work they do. And the ET80 and ET85 do it. Supported by advanced wireless connectivity of Wi-Fi 6E¹, 4G/5G and more

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