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Panama City, Panama
P4 Warehouse | SGA Panama

P4 Warehouse is a complete solution for managing inventory in your warehouse or distribution center. (WMS)

A scalable Inventory Software (WMS) that can be adapted to the size and needs of any business

P4 Warehouse is the leader in WMS (WMS / SGA) in Latin America for SMEs. Reception and Storage and more!

Warehouse Management and Control Simplify your path to modernization. From inbound to outbound operations, we provide a competitive advantage.

With P4 Warehouse (WMS) you will be able to cover…

Your entire logistics chain, or just the area you need.

Reception and Reverse Logistics

Reception against purchase and/or production order Product scanning Reverse logistics

Storage and Consolidation

  1. Suggested storage
  2. Manual storage
  3. Stock inquiry
  4. Queries in App (PDT)

Internal Movements

Location Consolidation
Task automation

Inventory control

Real-time inventory adjustments
inventory counting
Blocks due to quality

Order preparation

directed route
Allocation methods
Stock outage alerts and records

Loading and Dispatch

Platform management
Platform loading validation
Dispatch status

Online and real-time reporting

Stock and traceability
Order status
Picking productivity per user

E-Commerce Integration

E-commerce and logistics aligned
Order reception
Online stock

We integrate with your ERP

Integration with ERP
We also operate without an administration system

WMS (WMS) designed for 3PL in Panama, the P4 Warehouse (P4W) WMS/WMS was designed to help 3PL companies control inventory and billing of 3PL customers. P4W is a 3PL warehouse management system designed specifically for the Panama market.

Barrdega Sistemas is the leading provider of software and hardware solutions for the Supply Chain in the region.

Our team of consultants, experts in logistics and technology, is the largest in Latin America, has implemented projects for the execution of the Supply Chain in Latin America, the United States, New Zealand, Canada and the Caribbean with more success than any other provider. in the region, completing more than 125 implementations in more than 12 countries.

Innovation and Technology developed by Experts

We are in charge of forming a team with experts in logistics and innovation.

P4 Warehouse (WMS)
Offices and Partners

API Integration

Synchronize information from your ERP or Backoffice software with P4W's WMS through our API, all in real time.

The SAP B1, Shopify and WooCommerce integration is pre-built and ready to use today.

Inventory management

With the intelligence of P4W WMS, manage the receipt, storage, dispatch and replenishment of warehouses, in a comprehensive manner.


View in your personalized Dashboard the real indicators of your Distribution Center and spaces, assignments by priority and order control.

Mobile Technology

P4W's Intelligent WMS is compatible with multiple mobile devices designed to enhance your operation.

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