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Zebra Supplies Panama

Zebra barcode, RFID and card supplies have been carefully selected to ensure superior print quality, durability and reading performance, and to reduce printer wear and tear.

Experience fewer instances of illegible or missing labels, calls to the IT department, and premature print head failures. Zebra's wide variety of proven barcode supplies provide solutions for almost any application.

Zebra's knowledge, industry partners, and RFID manufacturing capabilities help provide a solution that maximizes the return on your investment.

Enjoy high-definition images and barcodes with the combination of Zebra True Colors® plastic cards and ribbons. To combat card counterfeiting, alteration and duplication, choose from visible, hidden or forensic security features. thermal labels

Zebra Supplies Panama

We are the leader in Panama in Zebra Supplies. Thousands of labels and tapes in stock in Panama.

Zebra Supplies Panama
Thermal labels

Developed for high-demand Zebra printers. We have labels, ribbons, PVC cards, handles and supplies. These supplies include synthetic and specialty printing media, with ideal performance for more than 1,000 combinations. They also reduce wear and tear on print heads, overall cost of operation, and optimize performance.

Ribbons | Zebra Ribbons

Zebra's selection of thermal transfer ribbons includes wax, resin and wax/resin formulations, ideal for your thermal printers.

thermal receipt paper

Zebra receipt paper is performance tested to deliver high-quality printing. Choose from a wide variety of receipt paper thicknesses, coatings and sizes.

Barcode and thermal labels

Zebra's barcode and label portfolio includes paper and synthetic materials for direct thermal or thermal transfer printing.

RFID tags

Zebra RFID tags allow you to quickly test and deploy an RFID solution with 30 in-stock items, the latest chips, and our high-performance Zebra brand inlays.

Card laminates and coatings

Zero-waste laminate design uses unsupported materials with a single core, eliminating more than 50 percent of waste compared to competitive laminates

Ribbons for card printers

Zebra True Colors® card printer ribbons create excellent quality IDs and extend the life of your printers and cards.


Cleaning accesories

Zebra offers a wide line of cleaning accessories to help you maintain and maintain the proper performance of your printer. Regular use of genuine Zebra cleaning accessories will keep your printer clean and increase the life of vital printing parts, including the print head, transport rollers and magnetic encoders. Routine cleaning of the printer will produce better quality full color images.



Cleaning cartridges help extend printer life by automatically cleaning cards before starting the print cycle. A clean card will produce a clearer, sharper, more detailed image, and without image gaps.


The cleaning rollers are located in the cleaning cartridges. They are made with adhesive rollers that collect particles from blank cards before printing. They must be changed periodically.


The cleaning tape collects particles from blank cards before printing. This is a roll of adhesive material used in the 640i printer to clean cards before printing.


By regularly using the cleaning cards, your printer will stay clean and keep the important parts of the printer in good condition (print head, transport rollers and magnetic encoder station).


The swabs can be used when printing anomalies appear on printed cards to remove visible particles from the print head. Never use any sharp objects to scrape particles from the print head, as this may damage the print head irreversibly.

Plastic Cards

Zebra's line of durable plastic cards enhance the images and print quality needed to achieve vivid colors and easily readable barcodes. Zebra guarantees that its cards are ISO certified, dust-free, and have smooth edges. Zebra offers pure PVC and composite PVC cards, available in various thicknesses and various security options. Cards are available in blank, hologram, color change ink, and opaque marking options for security needs.


Zebra cards give you the sharpness you need to enjoy vivid colors and print detailed, easy-to-read barcodes. Poor quality cards often have blemishes and uneven surfaces that decrease print quality and cause damage to the print head. Zebra guarantees that its PVC and PVC composite cards meet ISO standards, are free of particles and have smooth contours, providing better print quality.

For the most demanding security applications, increase card strength and security with Zebra's integrated custom holograms, variable color ink, opacity markings, pre-printed micro text or UV images, and custom cards. Your Zebra supplier has all of these card options.

Premier PVC Cards
0.25mm blank cards
0.25mm Blank Business Cards with Backside Writing Possibility
0.25mm adhesive blank cards
0.76mm blank white cards
0.76mm LoCo & HiCo Magnetic Stripe Blank White Cards

Premier Plus PVC Composite Cards
0.76mm blank white cards
Blank white cards with 0.76mm magnetic stripe (high coercivity only)
0.76mm Blank White Cards for YMCUvK Applications

Cards with security features
0.76mm cards with integrated hologram options
0.76mm cards with variable color ink options
0.76mm cards with opacity marking options

Cards with integrated holograms PVC cards and PVC composite with
a rugged hologram integrated into the card layers to add a low-cost security feature. The hologram forms part of the white card background and allows the print to be applied directly on top of the hologram.

Cards with opacity marks PVC cards with a strong printed image on the card layers to add a security feature at a low cost. The image acts as a watermark, it is only visible when exposed directly to a bright light source. The image can be of any color or shape.

Cards with microtext or nanotext PVC and PVC composite cards with pre-printed text that can only be read by magnification or exposure to ultraviolet rays. This security feature is very difficult to reproduce and photocopy.

Personalized security cards Cards with custom security features on request.

Laminates and Layers

Prevent card counterfeiting, modification and duplication with Zebra's TrueColours® secure components, such as varnish coatings and laminates. These materials prolong the life of the card by preventing image discoloration, dye migration and reducing the usual wear and tear caused by handling and continuous passage through magnetic stripe readers.


For greater security and durability, prevent card counterfeiting with custom Zebra card security levels. To make your card design unique and more secure, various types of optically variable effect holographic inks and other laminates can be designed with security features.



Hologram (secure original image)


Non-marking laminate with carrier, 0.025 mm and 0.015 mm thickness

Clear laminate (full size, smart card, half size for magnetic stripe cards)

Laminated with hologram (secure original image and global image) full size


Laminates with custom holograms integrate a unique security feature that makes cards less tamper-proof and prevents counterfeiting.

There are different types of holograms available.

The OVI hologram: It uses optically variable effect inks to insert an image or text into the laminate. Shows different color effects when rotating the image.

The Pixel-Grafx hologram: combines the most advanced graphics with traditional holography to produce “pixelated” images. These images or patterns are composed of a series of pixels or dots, which are exposed to laser light at various angles to achieve maximum brightness even under normal lighting conditions (fluorescent light).

The 2D hologram: It is done with two-dimensional images. Different colors are assigned to the hologram images and placed on a single layer. It only has a hologram image layer, that is, it has no depth of vision.

The 2D/3D hologram: It is made with several two-dimensional layers, with hologram images placed one after the other and depth of view to produce a three-dimensional hologram structure effect. It has excellent depth of vision between the different layers and brightness in the first layer.

Zebra Supplies Panama

Zebra Supplies Panama

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